Company Statements

Our core values have shaped us into the company we are today.

Our Purpose

To build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive wellbeing and economic development. We're committed to providing future generations with the means to power their lives in the most economic, environmental and socially responsible ways possible.

Our Mission

Delivering renewable solutions to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Our Values

  • Honouring our commitments
  • Being accountable for our actions
  • Considering the social and environmental impact of our activities
  • Putting forth our best effort and adopting a constructive attitude
  • Counting on each other
  • Generating added values for the local communities
  • Promoting a long-term approach to our vision, our activities, and our relationships
  • Showing consideration for and recognition of individuals respecting people
  • Displaying an open mind valuing the opinions of others
  • Being honest in our actions and our relationships
  • Ensuring a safe workplace for our employees as well as the safety of our assets
  • Being dedicated to the development of renewable energies
  • Sharing the same desire of devising solutions and succeeding in our projects
  • Conducting our activities with enthusiasm striving for excellence and performance
  • Being committed to protecting the environment
  • Reacting quickly and adapting continuously to our changing market and environment
  • Being able to seize opportunities and to take risky decisions in an uncertain future
  • Valuing our sense of initiative and our creativity to support the development of our projects
  • Innovating and creating to develop tomorrow's technologies
  • Working together as a team and with dialogue
  • Cultivating cooperation and valuing partnerships
  • Sharing our ambitions and our successes